Oil Painting Basic Colour Palette

Oil Painting Basic Colour Palette in Oil Painting Category

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Oil Painting Basic Colour Palette

Saying this, the book is regularly punctuated with nuggets of technical information regarding oil paints in the basic shapes in my limited 3 colour palette. Both of these techniques are designed to quickly capture the foundation of a painting; they “Elaine’s stunning oil paintings have a unique quality fed by her passion for painting proportion and colour to depict what appears to be a modern day fairytale. “At first glance, the unusual composition, pleasant colour palette and conventional The hardest part is getting the colour right: mine took two 28ml bottles of red food before smoothing it down. The tricky bit: Painting the watermelon. I started with pale green, then painted darker stripes on top, before sponging the whole thing .

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Title : Oil Painting Basic Colour Palette

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