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acrylic paintings in abstract

Early on, Frankenthaler reported the “magic moment” of being “caught between the making of an abstract picture achievable with acrylic, as in “Jockey,” with its thick dabs of bright green. Least known are such late paintings as “Red Shift This is a beautiful abstract floral original painting in acrylic paint with touches of oil pastel. The stunning bouquet is varnished to a matt finish. is 80 x 80cm. It comes without any wall fixings attached, so that it could also be framed. This bohemian Richter first worked with the original photographs, painting over them in stages. Then, from the abstract paintings, he produced photographs and sealed them behind acrylic glass using the Diasec process. In sombre hues of grey, black and white with pockets Titled “Secret Life of Bs,” Patricia Oblack’s exclusive series of abstract acrylic paintings suggest eroded forests, weathered walls, bits of fresco and other places and objects altered by time and neglect. She layers and weaves color onto boards Meuser works predominantly with watercolor, acrylic and ink to make large scale the figures and objects of some paintings give the illusion of being trapped or controlled by the abstract around it. “ Katie Meuser’s Controlled: Emerging from the Featuring Swing’s newest series “The Wedding Present” made with stainless rods and bread toasters, twisted together into abstract acrylic. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 135 Main St., Montpelier. 223-3338 Through Sept. 30: Patrick Dunfey, Large .

Doris Chen said she uses abstract visual arts to express her theme whose large colorful paintings include “Outside In — Cat with Blanket,” an acrylic on canvas. The Oxford Hotel: “Seasons of the Earth,” featuring acrylic paintings by Sondra Holtzman Tumalo Art Co.: Featuring abstract paintings by Langford Barksdale; through Oct. 3; 450 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 407, Bend; or 541-385-9144. I worked with acrylic on canvas and natural objects and “In my work, I tried to create the contemporary form in what is called the abstract art. I also tried to give it a new form. I want my paintings to be impressive,” she explains. ABRA Gallery (Art By Renowned Artists) offers an eclectic collection of art in a variety of mediums including original acrylic paintings, limited edition aesthetic program ranging from figurative to abstract work. The collective theme throughout .

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