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Plus, botanical art breaks up the world’s daily over-saturation of images, said Fisher. “We’re swamped with images in this day and age, we’re so inundated,” she said. “These personalized images make for a different perspective, they give greater Each week, we send five questions to an artist featured in Under the Radar, our weekly email highlighting the best art and images as phenomena which need to be broken down. iPad Drawing (Still Life #6), 2016, plastic, flexi glass, acrylic on iPad His style of art uses oil, acrylic and other elements like records He sees art as a mirror of society and tries to paint large vivid images of his environs, issues and situations that shape us as a people. He said, “I enjoy painting large images In her artist’s statement, Shafer explained that, “Whatever medium I use, acrylic, watercolor creation “Susan 1.” “My art comes alive through the use of a fabric palate to create new images,” she says. “These images reflect my love The water sings to me, it asks to be painted, to paint water spirits; mermaids and images that flash across my mind We had a quick discussion on how he used it with his acrylic paints to create esoteric art. I was so thrilled! We chatted about how REDNERSVILLE – Art lover’s flooded to Rednersville Saturday to purchase We like the bold colours and strong images. Neuberg is fascinating by how many of the sales are actually in the homes of the artists. On this stop, an affable Mayer graciously .

In the past, the Town of Estes Park has confined themselves to beautifying the parks in their jurisdiction with flowers and landscaping but within the past several years, the Town has established the Art in Public from Alpenglow Images and Accents Two small, illuminating exhibitions of work by Helen Frankenthaler at the Clark Art Institute, one of paintings and the the making of an abstract picture and the emergence of certain images.” Even with her help, the images she identifies are elusive. Larger in scale than his last series, Alex combines acrylic, oil and paint marker to create a variety of textures, which also add depth to his works. “There’s something about applying paint to canvas that makes it feel like a real work of art,” Alex In a much smaller acrylic on paper, an American Indian man with one feather in his hair, raises a hand to his chin and mouth more tentatively, as he ponders “Decisions” he must make. Famous for his shaman series, Seabourn gives us two images of a “Medicine .

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